A Complete Look At China's Latest Disappointing Data In One Chart

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Mamta Badkar

China just released its latest  batch of economic data which showed that economic growth missed analyst  expectations.

First here's a look at the latest data from China, including trade and inflation data that were released last week:

March Chinese data

Business Insider

"The fall in 1Q13 GDP growth was mainly driven by a slowdown in consumption  growth due to the new leaders’ crackdown on govt luxury spending, a pause in  inventory restocking and slowdown in property FAI growth due to concerns on  property tightening," said Bank  of America's Ting Lu in a note to clients.

There has already been a jump in lending in March. And some economists have  warned that this could be the end  of easy credit in China as this surge in lending poses risks to the  financial system.

But China has set a GDP target of 7.5 percent for the year. And some  economists like Lu expect monetary policy to stay neutral (on account of cooling  inflation) and GDP growth to climb back to 8 percent in the second quarter, if  the bird flu is kept in check.

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